Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Meetup...

Hello Trooper!!!

BT Meetup 4.19 (117)

We sure had missed hanging out with the other Bostons at the Meetup group! The BTs are so much fun!! They all have such great personalities! Here's Daisy!

BT Meetup 4.19 (79)

There was discussion...

BT Meetup 4.19 (68)

And consultation...(the girl with the blue collar is Blossom, Charlie's relative!)

BT Meetup 4.19 (66)

Sometimes there's a little bullying...

BT Meetup 4.19 (46)

Lots of running...

BT Meetup 4.19 (37)

Ball chasing...

BT Meetup 4.19 (36)

Some mooching...

BT Meetup 4.19 (63)

But lots of loving...

BT Meetup 4.19 (49)

Sometimes it seems like the Bostons would rather play with the humans than each other!

BT Meetup 4.19 (43)

But then again, not really...

BT Meetup 4.19 (31)

Some of them just love the camera...

BT Meetup 4.19 (5)

There's a lot of holding from time to time because someone just needed it...

BT Meetup 4.19 (9)

Or, because they just love their human...

BT Meetup 4.19 (128)

Charlie had a blast! He was filthy! was all worth it!

BT Meetup 4.19 (14)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mountain Bike Monday - Breakin' Out the SS

Poco Ride 4.19.14

On Saturday afternoon we headed over to Poco for an evening ride on the trails! It was a beautiful night for a ride.

Poco Ride 4.19.14

Poco Ride 4.19.14

I decided to dust off the Spot Single Speed! Last week I read an article that inspired me to put away the gears and get back out there and work a little harder.

Poco Ride 4.19.14

You've heard me say before that I'm convinced that gears make you lazy. Well, my opinion hasn't changed. There's something about the pure simplicity of riding old school without the benefit of gears. I'm not going to lie...even though I have only 9 gears in the back on my Mutt, it still is a lot easier to sit back and spin in the low gear up the hill than to grind up on the SS. There's nothing wrong with that; however, I've figured out how to be lazy AGAIN! I forgot how to tackle the hills, and how to use momentum to glide through the tough spots.

Poco Ride 4.19.14

Also, there's something magical about that bike. It just fits me well! No other bike I have fits me like my original Spot. It's like an old shoe! It responds well to me and I seem to glide over obstacles with a lot more finesse and ease. Don't get me wrong...I am still like a bull in a china shop most of the time!

Poco Ride 4.19.14

I rode better, harder, and my time was faster! So, I'm going to put away the gears for the next few rides and retrain myself on how to really ride the trails!

Poco Ride 4.19.14

I'm so grateful for my Dynamo's patience. He's always there to help me through the tough spots on the trail. He's encouraging at just the right times!

Poco Ride 4.19.14

He even slowed up enough for me to take some pics of him ridin' the rocks!

Poco Ride 4.19.14

Poco Ride 4.19.14

Poco Ride 4.19.14

Poco Ride 4.19.14

Poco Ride 4.19.14

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Blessings

Easter 2014 (24)

It was so nice to spend Easter together. We went to church with my parents and our friend, "Mole." She has been one of my mom's best friends since before I was born!

Look at these silly girls...

Easter 2014 (2)

Easter time is one time to be extra thankful. Thankful for all that we have! The many blessings each day!

Easter 2014 (40)

We ate lunch together and then played lots of frisbee! A dirty face is a sign of happiness...

Easter 2014 (76)

We walked around and looked at the flowers...

Easter 2014 (48)

Easter 2014 (45)

Just soaking up the fresh air...

Easter 2014 (19)

The butterfly sure was struggling to hold onto its grip in the wind!

Easter 2014 (64)

Dad and Dynamo decided to try flying the plane (even though they knew it was too windy)!!!

Easter 2014 (67)

Easter 2014 (88)

Easter 2014 (89)

Even Charlie had to get in on the action...

Easter 2014 (91)

Easter 2014 (95)

The flight was short and damaging...

Easter 2014 (97)

Easter 2014 (100)

So, we walked and visited some more...

Easter 2014 (110)

And Charlie got more lovin'...

Easter 2014 (117)

And frisbee...

Easter 2014 (126)

Look at this tongue...

Easter 2014 (136)

We got Charlie to hold still for a few pics...

Easter 2014 (150)

Easter 2014 (159)

But not for long...

Easter 2014 (163)

Look at that dirty chin...

Easter 2014 (164)

Spring is a time for all things new...

Easter 2014 (168)

It's a beginning...

Easter 2014 (198)

Everything is clean and green with life...

Easter 2014 (180)

We are so blessed. Each and every day I am so thankful for all we have!

Easter 2014 (155)

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

Easter 2014 (176)

Luke 24:34