Monday, July 28, 2014

Sponge Soaps

First, I apologize for not posting in so long. We've had a crazy couple of weeks, but now we're back on track!

Sea sponge soaps by The Daily Scrub

I was so excited to run across a couple from Florida that harvests sea wool sponges from the Gulf of Mexico. They are the softest sponge you'll ever use!!

Sea sponge soaps by The Daily Scrub

They harvest these naturally growing sponges, clean them, and then cut them to size for me to then use in our soaps!

Sea sponge soaps by The Daily Scrub

It's like a soft scrub and soap all in one! You can use them all over, but they are super soft for your face!

Sea sponge soaps by The Daily Scrub

We're getting ready to make some more soon since they were such a hit at the Market last week!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Market Re-cap

Every Friday morning the flowers are cut super early while it's still cool! Then, they are brought inside to rest until we assemble them into bouquets!

Petersburg Market 6.28.14

These gorgeous bouquets are ready for you early Saturday morning at the Market!

Petersburg Market 6.28.14

We always recommend that you take them straight home, give them a fresh snip, and nice clean water! Make sure to give them fresh water every couple of days to keep them going strong!

Petersburg Market 6.28.14

It's been so lovely to be at the Market these past few weeks. New vendors, new shoppers, and happy faces!

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (16)

Our new space at the market is down at the end by the railroad tracks! We're near the Brunswick stew couple and the honey man!

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (13)

Last week was full of love and excitement for Charlie especially! He got to love on lots of new friends!

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (3)

Like Elliott!

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (78)

He got belly rubs...

Petersburg Market 6.28.14

And shared moochies...

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (71)

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (60)

And, he's made a new best friend with his bulldog buddy, Ace!

Ace and Charlie14

Ace is such a loving dog! He's only 10 months old and 90 lbs. He's a sweetie! Charlie sure does look forward to his friends visiting each week!

Ace and Charlie14

And, guess what? The Petersburg Animal Control/Shelter will be down at the market each week with adoptable animals! You might just find your next fur-child!!! They are always looking for donations in the form of food, blankets, etc. so please consider donating if you are able!

Petersburg Farmers Market 6.28 (67)

We hope to see your smiling faces at the market this Saturday from 7 till noon! Thanks for your continued support!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Silly boy

Last week my parents got this new concrete driveway pad! For some reason I thought they put it in just for me to sun myself!

Concrete 6.14

And, my mom just kept bugging me to look at that silly camera of hers! She even tried to get Dad to tempt me with flowers! Nope, still not looking!

Garden 6 (3)

I finally threw her a little bone (no pun intended) and gave a glance...

Garden 6 (2)

Monday, June 30, 2014

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap by The Daily Scrub

One of the recent favorites is back - Japanese Cherry Blossom!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap by The Daily Scrub

This light floral fragrance is just the right amount of floral for my taste. With lots of activated charcoal and poppy seeds, this bar is sure to be great on those pesky skin issues!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap by The Daily Scrub

Did you know all of our soaps can be used all over your body? Yup! Sure can! Head to toe! So, scrub away!

Japanese Cherry Blossom Soap by The Daily Scrub

This bar will be available at the Petersburg Farmers Market this Saturday! Hope to see you then!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Come see us this Saturday...

Garden 6 (3)

We're planning to be at the Petersburg Farmers Market this Saturday with flowers and soap! Come out and see us! From 7 - noon!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Mountain Bike Monday

Biking Battlefield 6.21.14

We had a lovely ride at the Petersburg National Battlefield yesterday. It was a little humid, but lovely to be outside anyways!

Biking Battlefield 6.21.14

This was our last ride together for a little while as Dynamo is having surgery on his knee this week. Hopefully it will be a quick fix and he will be back out there with me soon!

Biking Battlefield 6.21.14

I really do look forward to our time out on the trails. The ride was so nice. It's more than just getting exercise for me...It's about being with Dynamo. No distractions. Just us and nature! We chat sometimes and sometimes not. He always knows how to lighten things up and make me laugh when it's a little tough pedaling!

Biking Battlefield 6.21.14

We are so blessed to have one another. I'm so grateful to have someone that wants to ride my pace and is patient and kind!

Biking Battlefield 6.21.14

We take our time and explore new routes and nature! Notice this mushroom with the plant in the middle! We also heard there were bald eagle triplets that were born at the park.

Biking Battlefield 6.21.14

Honestly, I've never seen any place as green as it is at the Battlefield this time of the year. It's like a storybook!

Biking Battlefield 6.21.14

We rode all over the park enjoying the day and our time together. No plans. No rush. Just rode until it was time to eat!

Friday, June 20, 2014

4th of July Maternity Photography Shoot

Since I took my beginner photography class with Jennifer Warthan I've been on a mission to learn more and practice more. With that means I need subjects to photograph! Dynamo and Charlie have reached their picture taking tolerance level and appreciate when I find new people to practice on.

So, when Rachel and Clay asked me to take their maternity pictures I was beyond thrilled! Of course my disclaimer is that I make no promises, but that I will do my best! Rachel said that she knew they would be "heart pics" which I thought was super sweet!

We arrived one Saturday morning to two festively dressed friends!

RCFavPics6 (5)

Since Baby Lyons is due around the 4th of July it seemed only appropriate that red, white, and blue be the theme!

RCFavPics6 (8)

First, we snapped some pictures with their sweet dog, Bear, at their home! This is my absolute favorite!

RCFavPics6 (7)

Rachel was just glowing! You could really feel the excitement!

RCFavPics6 (13)

It's such a special time to be a part of and witness! There is so much love between them!

RCFavPics6 (16)

Clay had a great idea to head over to the Carillon and we snapped some great pics!! It had some beautiful architecture!

This little sweater was Clay's when he was a little guy! So, we had to incorporate it into the shoot! It's adorable! The lion for the Lyonses!

RCFavPics6 (29)

The red on the building went well with festive theme!

RCFavPics6 (22)

I love this one of Rachel glancing at the flag!

RCFavPics6 (24)

It was just a glorious day!

RCFavPics6 (28)

I just loved how the poses just came so naturally for them and fit their personality perfectly!

RCFavPics6 (33)

They are so sweet and were such good sports! I can't wait for Baby "Lion" to arrive!

RCFavPics6 (34)

RCFavPics6 (39)


RCFavPics6 (52)

And, you can't be in Richmond without taking pics at a monument!

RCFavPics6 (55)

RCFavPics6 (57)

We took advantage of the beautiful brick wall nearby...

RCFavPics6 (59)

I'm so grateful to have been given the opportunity to be with our dear friends and help them document such a grand occasion. Thank you to both of you, Rachel and Clay, for asking Jeff, Charlie, and I to spend the morning with you! We love you!